Bayanda Mzoneli for ANC Deputy President 2022
South Africa

Month: June 2022

A challenge to ANC candidates to debate why they should be chosen

Within the ANC, it is regarded as foreign, and uncouth, for a candidate to openly declare their availability and campaign for themselves. After all it is ANC branches that, after careful consideration of draft resolutions, nominate the fitting leadership to implement the adopted resolutions, once adopted.

But times are changing. For the first time, in the 2011 Local Government Elections, the ANC introduced a process where the candidates nominated by a branch should present themselves to the community of the ward they want to be candidates of, in order for the community to participate in the selection of the ANC ward candidate, beyond the ANC members of the branch. This was in recognition of the challenge where some candidates put forward by the ANC were rejected by the community, and some who were rejected by the ANC were accepted by the community and won the ward after standing as independent by candidates.

Towards the 1994 elections, the two debates between FW de Klerk and Nelson Mandela were the first, and last public debates among Presidential candidates for office in democratic elections in South Africa.

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