Bayanda Mzoneli for ANC Deputy President 2022
South Africa

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“The ANC needs to demonstrate in actual practice its commitment to speeding up fundamental transformation. For this, it should shore up its own capacity, honestly identify and correct its weaknesses and revitalise its public image. Bland reassurances that are then negated by the very conduct of leaders and members will worsen the decline; and, among the people, they will merely generate irreverent humour.” – ANC Strategy and Tactics (2017)

Working within the collective, Bayanda Mzoneli is committing to contribute in revitalising the ANC’s public image by speeding fundamental transformation, focusing on the most urgent challenge facing the country, unemployment and lack of economic participation. Among others, the priorities will be to;

Bayanda Mzoneli

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“I will resign at the 2025 NGC if unemployment is above 30% in the 2025
1st quarter Quarterly Labor Force Survey.”
– Bayanda Mzoneli

Together We can revitalise the ANC

Nominate Comrade Bayanda Mzoneli for ANC Deputy President in your branch. The ANC has committed to eliminate slates and factionalism. Your branch need not be bound by slates (see rule 8.3 of the Rules for Nomination and Election 2022). While all support is appreciated, unfortunately this campaign does not have “tools.”


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