Bayanda Mzoneli for ANC Deputy President 2022
South Africa

Campaign Plan

Phase Summary Activities / Progress Start date End date
Phase 1 Introduction of the campaign
  • Informal expression of interest among comrades
  • Setup of campaign Facebook Page 
09 March 2021 30 April 2022
Phase 2 Development of campaign materials, launch article, enhance public profile
  • Publish electronic campaign poster
  • Publish a campaign article in a major weekly news paper (Call for public debate by candidates)
  • Expand the campaign to other social networks
01 May 2022 30 June 2022
Phase 3 Publication of the website, more articles, branch engagements, mobilisation, persuasion, negotiation
  • Publish the official campaign website
  • Publish articles on major publication, and own platforms
  • Engagements with receptive ANC branches
  • Engage comrades for support during nominations (according guidelines nominations open mid-August)
  • Finalise and publish election commitments
  • Setup a campaign Whatsapp group
  • Track potential and confirmed support from branches
01 July 2022 31 October 2022
Phase 4 Consolidation of the support to reach the target number of delegates
  • Confirm ANCYL nomination as a Conference province
  • Alternatively, consolidate branch nominations/support to reach 1200 (estimated 25% threshold to be on the ballot)
01 November 2022 18 December 2022
Phase 5 Implementation of commitments
  • If elected, implement the commitments as outlined during the campaign
20 December 2022 31 May 2025
Phase 6 Continuation of implementation until end of term, or resignation if targets are not met within timelines
  • If commitments are not met, resign at the 2025 ANC NGC
  • If commitments are met, accelerate the implementation
01 June 2025 16 December 2027

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