Bayanda Mzoneli for ANC Deputy President 2022
South Africa

Campaign Strategy

  • The campaign for nomination, and election, of Comrade Bayanda Mzoneli as Deputy President of the ANC at the 55th National Conference in December 2022 is primarily an online/digital campaign, largely due to lack of budget, lack of public profile, and lack of patronage leverage.
  • To be one the ballot at the 55th National Conference, the name will need to be nominated by at least one, of the 12 ANC provinces. The only probable province to nominate Comrade Bayanda is the ANCYL. Without the ANCYL nomination, the name is unlikely to make it to the ballot. The ANCYL is set to hold the 26th National Congress to adopt resolutions, and elect leadership, before the ANC 55th National Conference.
  • The major risk to the nomination by the ANCYL is that there are two, similarly capable, former ANCYL leaders who seem to be seeking an ANCYL nomination (or support) for the Deputy President position as well, namely, Comrade Nkhensani Kubayi and Comrade Ronald Lamola. Time will tell what choice will the ANCYL make.
  • If the ANCYL nomination materialises, persuading branches, and delegates would be easier, even with the new election guidelines, that will have two rounds of voting for the top 6.
  • Although the practice in the ANC has tended to focus on credentials, as euphemism, for one’s history of activism, to determine if they are worthy of election, the contemporary challenges necessitate a greater focus on the future, rather than the past. As such this campaign’s main pillar is a set a commitments, with timelines, for implementation in the future, which, if unfulfilled, will result in Comrade Bayanda resigning from the position of Deputy President. The commitments will be outlined elsewhere on this website.
  • With the clear commitments, the ANCYL nomination, and the commitment to resign if commitments are not fulfilled within timelines, this is the only campaign of its kind. There has never been a ANC candidate for any position who had resignable commitments (sic). It stands out from the other campaigns that are based on convenience of slates, sloganeering, affinity or charisma.

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