Bayanda Mzoneli for ANC Deputy President 2022
South Africa


As disclosed from the outset, when the campaign was introduced on Facebook on 9th March 2021, the campaign had a zero a budget. Along the way, various supporters have come forward to offer non-monetary support through specific services. Furthermore, some volunteers and supporters of the campaign use their own resources to cover the costs of items they require for mobilisation.

Donors, supporters and volunteers are aware that the precondition for acceptance of their contribution in the campaign, is that they expect no return, and will gain nothing, from their contributions. The basis of their contribution and support is solely because of their belief in the capability and potential of the candidate to the help revitalise the ANC and improve service delivery.

  Service Value Name / Codename Association 
Donor A Photo shoot  Unknown Mr Nkosenhle Hlophe  Comrade
Donor B Website hosting  Unknown Mr Sandile Nyawo  Brother
Donor C Website design and maintenance  Unknown Mr Bayanda Mzoneli  Self
Donor D Graphic design  Unknown Mr Sandile Nyawo  Brother
Donor E Travel, data, airtime, venue  Unknown Volunteers & Supporters cover own costs  Comrades
 Doner F  Candidate Travel  None  TBD  N/A

Banking Details

Name: BQ2022
Bank name: ABSA
Account Number: 9368746323
Branch code: 632005
Account type: Cheque
Reference: Name and Surname / Name of organisation

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