Bayanda Mzoneli for ANC Deputy President 2022
South Africa

Month: December 2018

Re-Imagining Tools Needed To Discourage Corrupt Practices in the ANC

The ANC 54th National Conference noted, among others;

“An increase in corruption, factionalism, dishonesty, and other negative practices that seriously threaten the goals and support of the ANC. That these practices contradict and damage our mission to serve the people and use the country’s resources to achieve development and transformation. That corruption robs our people of billions that could be used for their benefit.

That the lack of integrity perceived by the public, has seriously damaged the ANC’s image, the people’s trust in the ANC, our ability to occupy the moral high ground, and our position as leader of society. That current leadership structures seem helpless to arrest these practices, either because they lack the means or the will, or are themselves held hostage by them.

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